The Polymer City Chronicles
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Copyright 1994-2007 C.Morrison

Polymer City Museum of Art

A collection of fan art from around the corner to around the globe,
and desktop wallpapers that will likely distract you from getting any work done.

Fan contributed guest strips
For the week ending Oct. 16, 2004, submissions by:
David C. Matthews (first place)
Michael Derenge (runner-up)
E. Romer, Ryuko, Al-X Melchor, K. Enderlein,
S. Jackson, Joshi the Yoshi, M. Loftin, K. Price,
MG, R. Cook, KingofCreativity
Fan contributed artwork
Andrah: by Carver
Andrah: by John Davis
Andrah: by Karl Enderlein
Andrah ("as a hotdog"): by Joe England
Andrah ("as a tomato"): by James C Gamora
Andrah: by Julio Gutierrez
Andrah: by Kulli
Andrah ("Brick Blue Babe"): by Steve K.
Andrah: by Red Silver
Andrah: by Yitzhak
Andrah: by Yitzhak
Andrah: by Wagner
Andrah sprites Hurt, Jump, Power-Up, Run, Stand, Victory: by Joshi
Atari 5200 OBSESS cartridge and box: by Atariboy
Beach heads: by Yitzhak
Calibur Duce: by Wreckshop & Brad Dismukes
Ded, Dedd, & Deddy: by Joshi
Dr. Otto: by Myrth
Dr. Otto: by Martin Lebl
Dr. Otto: by Wagner
Dr. Otto (as Gordon Freeman): by ClrDwlr
Dr. Otto ("as corn"): by James C Gamora
Dr. Otto posed: by Lisa C.
a flight of Geenh saucers: Matthew Baird
Flint: by David Ellis
Mutiny of the Bounteous: by unknown
Lindy Pirate Poster: by Buddy Busen
Livestock: by IcyMasamune
Locke: by Steve F.
Lugnuts: by Jeremy Sachs
Mistress Laura, and the Crimson Tower: by Wagner
Mistress Laura, Flint, and Locke: by Wagner
Mistress Laura, Flint, and Locke: artist unknown
PCC Crew: artist unknown
Pokemob: by Dragoon
Sheeri Snikt: byGettar 82-- (***new***)
Rise and Shine Sheeri: by Atariboy
Sheeri: by Craig Petty
Sheeri Mech 250: by Mark Langille
Sheeri: by Scott Arsenault
Sheeri: by Red Silver
Sheeri ("Time to Choose"): by Red Silver
Sheeri: by Marmel
Sheeri (as a cake): by Ami Thest
Sheeri: by Lem
Sheeri: by Craig Petty
Sheeri (with gem): by IRobot
Sheeri ("Mechanic"): by Ben Richards
Sheeri ("UnderArmor"): by Ben Richards
Sheeri (in Evengelion plugsuit): by Chris Swan
Sheeri Gets Big: by Ben Blanding
Sheeri (with plushies): by Mark Langille
Sheeri - bust (front/back/angle): by Cheetaur and Kathmandu
the Thunderhead: Matthew Baird
Yoshi-tized!: by Joshi

Andrah : color by Wagner
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
Cherry Cheesecake : color by Nathan
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
DR-1 : composition by Jeremy Sachs
Laura : composition by Arcangel Counterstrike based on work by Wagner
   (1024x768(v1) / 1024x768(v2))
Heads Up : composition by David Underwood
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
Luftwaffels! : composition by Bill Brothwell
O.B.S.E.S.S. Logo : by Chris Morrison
   (800x600 / (1024x768)
Pokemob : composition by Dragoon
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
Quotes : composition by Jess St.George
Quotes (in color) : composition by Daniel Ross
Shard of Ahrpigi : composition by Jeremy Sachs
Sheeri : color by Vince Bryant
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
Sheeri : color and text by Jeff Myers
   (800x600 / 1024x768)
Sheeri : composition by Daniel G.
   (800x600 / 1280x1024)
Sheeri : composition by IRobot
   (800x600 / 1280x1024)
'Thunderhead' at Dawn : submitted by Matthew Baird
   (800x600 / 1600x1200)
'Thunderhead' at Dusk : submitted by Matthew Baird
   (800x600 / 1600x1200)
'Thunderhead' at Evening : submitted by Matthew Baird
   (800x600 / 1600x1200)
'Thunderhead' on Open Sea : submitted by Matthew Baird
   (800x600 / 1600x1200)
Lynn Deanna Jones and the Polymer City Chronicles : submitted by Brad Dismukes
   (1024x768 / 1600x1200)

Guest strips/parodies
Checkerboard Nightmare
   parody of Chris' artwork by Kristofer Straub

Fan modified strips/parodies
A Typical Day At The Office: by Mark White
One Of These Sherri's...: by Mark White
The Many Views Of Sherri!: by Mark White
Future Imperfect!: by Mark White
Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Wonder Bra: by Mark White

other fan stuff...
Mr.Shroom's UnOffical PCC drinking game: by Mr.Shroom
Sheeri WinAmp Skin: by Original Refugee
Sheeri WinAmp Skin: by Grant
Mistress Laura WinAmp Skin: by Original Refugee